CAN driver for Renesas SH7760 (HCAN2)

hcan2mgr - QNX 6.x driver / resource manager for Renesas SH7760
internal CAN controller HCAN2.


  • The driver provides POSIX file-system API to the CAN mailboxes. Each
    CAN mailbox has a device node (/dev/can[0:1]/[0:31]) which can be
    opened, written and read with POSIX file-system calls open(),
    write(), read().

  • A mailbox can operate in two modes; CAN_FRAME and PIPE. In PIPE mode
    the mailbox acts as a transparent data pipe to the receiving end. In
    CAN_FRAME mode data exchange is done by writing/reading type defined
    C-structure (CanMsg).

  • Possibility to use shell tools like cat or dd to read/write the
    mailboxes (PIPE mode). Example:
    cat my_file.txt > /dev/can0/1/data
    cat /dev/can1/3/data > /tmp/my_file.txt

  • Fully interrupt driven operation with adjustable Tx/Rx buffers for
    each mailbox.

  • Flexible mailbox configuration with a configuration file.

Supported mailbox modes:

0 - Transmit remote/data frames
2 - Receive remote/data frames
3 - Receive data frames only

User’s guide available. Please contact for more