Since the beginning of the year there is a big problem about our newsgroups.
When we ask a question, nobody answers and when we look at inn.qnx.com
we can see messages posted this new year in, for example,
qdn.public.qnxrtp.os, qnx.rtos, qdn.public.neutrino.

Could you please make a clean in inn.qnx.com, advise once again
everybody about what are the NEW newsgroups and deleting the obsolete ones!!

Thanks for your understanding,

Sorry for the crossposting, but now I really don’t know who is
listenning what!!!


All public qdn.* newsgroups on both inn.qnx.com and nntp.qnx.com will become
read only end of day Friday Jan. 16, 2004.
Public newsgroups (listed below) will be available via inn.qnx.com
Private newsgroups qdn.private.* will continue to be available via

“Newsgroup Admin” <newsgroup_admin@qnx.com> wrote in message

As a member of the QNX Community, we would like to inform you about some

upcoming changes to the QNX Public Newsgroups.

As a result of the launch of the new QNX Website mid-month, the QNX Public

Newsgroups will be streamlined to create a better framework for sharing,

managing and accessing information. Here’s a sneak peak at the list of new

newsgroups that will be created at news://inn.qnx.com/:

qnx.newuser - Installation, configuration and administration of the QNX

Neutrino or QNX Momentics environments

qnx.rtos - Writing resources managers, and general discussion around

the QNX Neutrino RTOS

qnx.gui - Creating graphical applications within a GUI environment, such

as Photon or PhAB

qnx.development_tools - Self-hosted graphical development with the

Eclipse IDE and cross-hosted development on Solaris, Linux, or Windows

qnx.ddk - Writing device drivers for scanners, video card, optical

mouse, etc

qnx.porting - Discuss migrating applications from QNX4, VxWorks, PSOS,

or Linux to QNX Neutrino

qnx.bsp - Discuss building an image, flashing a board or using a BSP

qnx.qnx4 - General QNX4 Discussion Group


Existing qdn.public newsgroups will be deprecated before the end of 2003.

However, for your convenience, these newsgroups will still be available

in a read-only archive.

If you have any questions, send email to > newsgroup_admin@qnx.com