PNGs on PtButtons

I cannot seem to put PNGs onto buttons, GIFs work fine, but are not
suitable as they don’t suppport alpha-blending.

If I try to do it in PhAb, the file imports into the pixmap editor no
problem, but when applied to a button, it does not appear. GIFs appear
on the button without problem.

If loaded in code, the PxLoadImage function calls the error method I
supplied to it, and the picture does not load, again, GIFs work fine.

I’ve tried loading in the PNGs into graphics apps and resaving them, but
not joy.

Some PNGs will load, but it seems terribly hit and miss. I’m on 6.3,
6.2.1 could generally speaking load the PNGs, but if done in PhAb, PhAb
would sometimes crash and corrupt the project I was working on. Based on
this, I think PNGs have a bit of history of causing problems in QNX.

Anyone else have problems with this? The PNGs are generally 32x32
pixels, nothing too big.