just for fun: average QNX user...


According to


an average qnx user may have some of the following classifications
(NOTE: there are exceptions !):

  1. GCS, GE, GM, or even a GAT
  2. d-, occasionally dpu
  3. s:
  4. any where from a— to a+++\
  5. at least C++, any less and you should rethink using QNX at all…
  6. U++ and above. See comment in (5.)
  7. any where in the [P <----------> P++++] spectrum
  8. L+ is common but not essential. If you are L—, what the heck are
    you thinking?
  9. either E+++ or E— , but seldom any thing in between…
  10. W+. Substitute ‘Mozilla’ in place of ‘Netscape’
  11. N
  12. o?
  13. K?
  14. w. If you are w+++++, what the heck are you thinking?
  15. O-
  16. either M-- or M++, but in general, it does not apply
  17. V, occasionally V–
  18. PS* (see 6. above)
  19. PE* (ditto)
  20. tv or less.
  21. b++ and above
  22. DI+ and up
  23. D*
  24. G if you read this! :slight_smile:
  25. e and above usually. If you are e+++++ what the heck where you
    thinking regarding black wholes 20 years ago when you made your $10 bet?
  26. h*, may be ~h* (not in the code)
  27. (some options omitted)



(i.e. Miguel !)