Strange behabior of netmanager

When I type netmanager -wall to store current IP configuration, the file /etc/net.cfg is not correctly written. For instance here is its content :
nto network config file v1.2
version v1.2

hostname CVI3_1

type ethernet
mode manual
manual_ip 12.1

This Ip addres is not valid and the mask is missing !!

Any idea about the source of this issue ?



Can you post which version of QNX Neutrino your using.

I just did the following as root:

  1. Copied my /etc/net.cfg to /etc/net.cfg.keep.
  2. Removed the net.cfg file via rm.
  3. Did a ‘netmanager -wall’
  4. Compared the 2 files and they are identical (cksum net.cfg and cksum net.cfg.keep).

Note I did the above steps from the /etc directory AND the /root directory just in case being in /etc made some kind of difference (it doesn’t).

I’m using 6.3 SP2


I am using QNX neutrino 6.3 SP2 on a PowerPC platform.

I did the same experiment as you and both files are identical. In fact I am now suspecting my filesystem and especially flash driver. To be continued…

Thank you for your help