Qnet really faster than TCP/IP stack?

I am a new user of QNX RTOS.
Recently,I did a test to check whether the performance of qnet is better than that of tcp/ip stack.(My system version is 6.21).My program used qnet and tcp protocol to transfer a file(140MB) from a server to a clinet via LAN respectively.
My test result is:

  1. using TCP protocol can get the average rate faster than Qnet(TCP:2.5MB/s,Qnet:2.0MB/s);
  2. using TCP protocol,the top rate can reach almost 11MB/s,but using qnet only 7.5MB/s .
    So,based on my test result,I drew the conclusion that qnet is not faster than TCP/IP stack.But a lot of people stick to the opinion that qnet is faster than TCP/IP.
    I wonder if anyone else did some similar test and please told me if the result you got is the same as mine?

First you should redo you test with 6.3 as it as a new and improved version of QNET.

Second don`t only measure transfer rate but also CPU usage.

I`m not sure what you mean by average versus top rate. How how you measuring the transfer rate?

Thanks for your reply,mario.
I wrote a small sniffer module and let io-net mount it to get the transfer rate.Because the rate is not stable all the time,so I name the maxmiun rate “top rate”.
The average rate is got like this:if the size of the file is 100MB,and I use 10 seconds to transfer it from the server to client,I say the average rata is 10MB/s.
My test results said the top rate and average rate of qnet are both lower than TCP/IP.
Yestertody,I read a breif introduction of Qnet,which said Qnet is a lightweigh protocol,As far as I am concerned ,the “lightweight” only refer to small occupation of memory and low usage of CPU,the performance(may massued by the transfer rate) of the protocol itself is not mentioned at all.
By the way,have you ever done some tests before similar to me?

no I didn`t do any format testing.

From memory copying a file from one machine to another (using 6.3) I got a little over 7Mbytes/sec

QNET was completely re-written for 6.3. It contains the old QNET for compatibility with 6.2 nodes, though. What I don’t understand is - if you are a new user of QNX Neutrino, why do you use a years old version? Download 6.3, dude.

6.3 is only an evaluation version, while 6.2.1 doesn’t have the 30-day restriction and the licence key stuff.