Switching keyboard layouts with ALT-SHIFT

Hi NG,

does anybody know, how I can make Photon able to switch between two keyboard
layouts directly after start up ny the ALT-SHIFT key stroke?

What I found out is, that I can switch between e.g. russian and german
layout, when I select both layouts one after the other in ‘phlocale’.
Pressing ALT-SHIFT toggles between both.
If I select another layout (e.g.french) I can toggle between all three.

But how can I achieve this by a simple configuration turing startup?

Another question: is this documented somewhere? We found the ALT-SHIFT
thing by chance :slight_smile:)



PS: I’m specially interested in switching between US-keyboard and russian

Karsten P. Hoffmann <karsten.p.hoffmann@web.de>
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