Embedded Tests

Hi all,

I just coming back from a robotic challenge, We used a made in taïwan PC104 which I can’t remeber the reference. But We didn’t had ehough money to buy a “mkfs” licence to put the sysem on the board or on a flash. So somebody found a solution by installing QNX 6.2.1 on personnal computer and copying it on a flash. And that worked !!!
That is quite unbelievable for me but, it worked. The only problem is we never managed to use our webcam driver because the usb stack couldn’t be initialized … I didn’t try to use a simple usb device as usb mouse instead of trying to plug my USB 1.0 camera, but I think there’s a real problem to embbed a QNX as we did it. I think USB port adresses are not standard as the keyboard or that stuff. Anybody could give me a point of view or a confirmation ? …

Thank you all,

Have a nice da
Sebastien Perin