Running Neutrino 6.3.2 apps into Neutrino 6.2.1


I’m beginning my participation in this Forum today. I have a doubt. I have a Momentics/Neutrino 6.3 with SP2 license. It works magnificently. But in my application, once that I need to include a license for each sell of the product, I’d like to use the Neutrino 6.2.1 because it’s cheaper. I have seen all the compatibilities and new features of Neutrino 6.3 and I have concluded that for my application the version 6.2.1 will work well.
Somebody knows if I can compile and build a project in Momentics 6.3 to run into a Neutrino 6.2.1 target? I know that they share the same compiler (GCC 2.95.3) although the documentation says that the libraries are different between the two versions - for the Neutrino 6.2 and for the Neutrino 6.3.
I’ve already tried to create a symbolic link, but it’s useless.

Another little question. Is the ‘qconn’ utility available only at the Momentics Distribution? And can I make a connection between a Momentics 6.3.2 and a machine running the utility ‘qconn’ from the Neutrino 6.2.1?

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If you are using this for non commercial (you do mention that you are selling it) as far as I know 6.2.1 is the same price as 6.3.

Yes you can use 6.3 to build executable for 6.2.1.

If you got a price negotiated with QNX and this was for 6.2.1, they usually grant you the same price for 6.3.

I will ask that. Perhaps it’s a wrong information or perhaps it’s my sales representative here, in Brazil.

Can you explain how do I do that in Momentics 6.3? I’ve searched but with no luck.