Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet

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I have here a laptop with Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet controller (vid=14e4,did=165e,subsys=088c103c). It seems there is no driver for that chip. Anyone has developed a driver for that chip, or maybe ported a linux driver?

For me, it would be sufficient to just have it run with 100 MBit/s, performance is not critical. Just to be able to connect to the local network.

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Hi there I also have a laptop what needs Broadcom driver. Chip is 57xx and tigon3 doesn´t do anything. Finding a laptop that runs on QNX4 and QNX 6.3 is kind of hard job! :slight_smile:

Impossible I would say, if you want to have at least the major components (graphics, network, USB) all supported properly. HOWEVER, as to the problem mentioned above, there is good news: This chip is now supported. Either get SP3 or the seperate network patch available in download area. You may also have to edit the enumerator file since some vendor/device IDs of this chip are not listed there although the driver works with those variants.

The problem with supporting laptops has been discussed a long time already. The point QSSL makes is that firstly it has shifted focus towards the embedded market and secondly that such a medium-sized company cannot keep pace with the ultra-fast laptop market, which is quite understandable.



Just as information, I am surprised because I have found a laptop (new one) QNX 6.2.1 compatible.
Model Packard Bell MV46-007.

It does not have many components but it has a Realtek ethernet card, 2 GB RAM and 4 USBs (no paralel port) but QNX compatible and with QNX 6.2.1…

Do you know about a USB-RS232 or USB-RS485 QNX 6.2.1 compatible? I have found some in Sealevel, have you tried one of these for QNX?

Thank you