problems with mouse and keyboard layout

Hello all,

I have just installed QNS 6.1.0 in VMWare 4.5. I used the instructions

The system seems to boot properly, the only error message is something
like “Unable to open device /dev/par1 (no such file or directory)”.

But there is a problem with the mouse. I use a Logitech optical USB
mouse that is connected to a ps/2 connector via a USB-to-ps/2-adapter
(This is because my PC is a little old and the USB has some problems.
Anyway, this works in a Win98VM and in the host OS of course which is
WinXP Pro if that matters). The mouse pointer is visible, but I can’t
move it, i.e. it is frosen.

Another problem is that QNS uses the US keyboard. How can I configure
QNS to use the German keyboard layout?

Any help would be great.

Best regards


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