eGalax touchscreen driver

Hey guys,

I’m trying to find (or write, if I must) a touchscreen driver compatible with my screen and QNX 6.3. The screen I have is a Bluestone Titan 12.1" touch screen, originally manufactured for a company in Korea (whose website is at The chip inside the screen was manufactured by a company called eGalax. This touchscreen isn’t officially supported by QNX. Due to poor labelling/websites/record keeping this is about as much info as I have.

I have been unable to find the screen on the Inotouch website to look up any more specs, or find for a driver.

I was wondering if anyone else has used any eGalax or Inotouch screens before, and if any of the standard devi-* drivers are compatible? I’ve had a play, but as I’m new to QNX I’ve not had much luck, and I’m getting close to tearing my hair out!



please see, where the protocol is described. It is not too difficult. Maybe you can make it. The devi-elo driver from Input DDK is a good starting-point, you have to modify it the protocol engines.