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Years ago we developed a small Java application running in Windows NT Embedded OS, it was running well in most Windows environments. I understand that a Java application is intended to be transparent to OS´s so that means I should be able to run my application in QNX6.3 as well. I would like to do that, but I have no need for a development environement, all I need is the stuff needed to start running java code (byte code?). Anyway, I am guessing but I would need the JDK(SDK) 1.3 and a VM to run it on, and maybe also I need the “framework” of objects, but this comes with the JDK doesn´t it? Please anyone with Java expirience in QNX 6.3, please let me know what I need to run my application.

I am running QNX 6.3 SE with SP1 for the moment, I am able to upgrade to SP2 if required.

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/Jörgen Buder

Not sure what you mean by the “framework” of objects, but you should be aware that the IBM JAVA that runs on QNX does not have Swing, among other things I suspect.

about the java VMs: (from

Note that with SE, no JVM is shipped with Neutrino because SE doesn’t contain the IDE - and the only reason for shipping a JVM with Neutrino is the IDE (in the Momentics PE).