STOP SIGNAL don`t work

I run process, sleep 60 for example.

ps shows that sleep process is in RECV state, what for I don’t know.

After that I send that process STOP signal with
/bin/kill -STOP pid

sin signal
shows that process is still in RECV state not in HOLD state, but HOLD flag is present and process stops only when I sent it CONT signal.

Why process don’t switch in HOLD state?

What version of the OS are you using. I tried it and it works as expected.

I don’t know for sure, and I am too lazy to test it right now :slight_smile: but I suspect that since the thread is not on the READY queue the kernel simply flags it to be held the moment that it is put on the READY queue.

Once the sleepp(60) expires does the thread go into the HOLD state?