HP laserjet 4350 printer configuration to qnx


I am using qnx neutrino6.3, i wan to install printer to qnx. can anybody give the configuration details and steps.

thank you,

Is this printer connected via the network (LAN) or directly to the QNX-machine by either LPT (parallel) or USB?

Here’s (perhaps) a good topic to start for directly connected:
openqnx.com/index.php?name=P … pic&t=6232

And if it’s on network:
openqnx.com/index.php?name=P … pic&t=4717

For more topics, take some time to browse through the Search results on keyword ‘printing’ or ‘printer’. Make sure you only check out results for QNX6.x and preferably 6.3 because QNX2/4 probably works quite different,