VGA port not being re-enabled on boot, VIA chipset.


  • Momentics 6.3.0
  • Kontron P3-300Mhz Celeron ETX module with VIA/Twister/S3 chipset
    (basically a standard PC platform with Phoenix BIOS)
  • We have our own BIOS Extension in a 1Mx8 EPROM mapped into a 32KB window
    at $D8000.
  • Our IPL is derived from the sa400 BSP.

I can boot Kontron P1-266Mhz and P3-400Mhz (intel 815 chipset) modules
After powerup, the LED on the CRT turns green for a few secs, then amber
(vga signals not being driven?), then keyboard LEDS flash ON/OFF, then CRT
LED goes green again and a few secs later I see the text on the CRT… all
is good!

But, when I boot the VIA chipset ETX, the power-LED on the CRT turns green
for a few secs, then amber, keyboard LEDs flash, but CRT LED stays amber and
we never make it into our BIOS extension IPL, no video on CRT.

Any ideas or leads would help.