Printing Japanese Characters in QNX Without Using Bitmaps?


When I send ordinary latin characters to the printer, they come out looking great. When I send Asian characters they come out looking awful. Near as I can tell, phs-to-ps renders the japanese characters as bitmaps and sends them to the printer that way, rather than downloading the font to the printer and letting the printer render the character at its optimal DPI.

I don’t want this to happen. Right now I’ve tried enlarging my print scaling factor and choosing huge fonts so that when they are finally reduced on the printer they look better… but there is still a noticeable degradation in quality because the printer is rendering a letter C as a letter C, but a japanese character as a bitmap.

Is there a way to make phs-to-ps not encode Asian characters as bitmaps? I see the -F (fontmap) option, but it isn’t clear to me how this would be used or even if it does what I want.

Can anyone help?