qtalk via null modem

This is not only QNX specific and its more general than a special problem:

If i use a standard null modem cable, as you can get it in the shop, the RTS and CTS pins on the one side are connected to the DCD of the other.

Qtalk listens to the DCD. If its gone, you need to relogin.

With modern Computers, you will normally never have a problem, but what happens, when my PC says ‘puh, i need a break’ a sets the RTS to low? DCD is gone and also my login.

So why is this wiring usual? I didnt find the answer on the web.

Or is it a QNX-special to listen to the DCD??

QNX recommends an other wiring, where DTR is connected to DSR and DCD. But this one, you wont get in the shop.

Maybe you can help me.

Thanks, Tobias