[help]how to start inetd from startup script for any logger?

Login as root, edit /etc/profile, adding lines as below:
qconn &
cpim &
then logout and login as a normal user,
[color=red:bf1e806ac3]$pidin|grep inetd
$pidin|grep qconn[/color:bf1e806ac3]
but cpim already runs.
then log out and login as root:
[color=red:bf1e806ac3]#pidin|grep inetd
4105 1 usr/sbin/inetd 10o SIGSUSPEND
651290 1 usr/sbin/inetd 10r SIGWAITINFO
#pidin|grep qconn
651283 1 usr/sbin/qconn 10r SIGWAITINFO[/color:bf1e806ac3]I also edit
/etc/system/sysinit ,adding the same lines but get the same result.
How to start inetd or qconn from starup for any user?
Thanks a lot!