USB driver on Total5200


I have an USB driver for bluetooth dongles that I would like to run on the
Total5200 platform, but I have some problems.

I have had it running on QNX6.1 x86 and there it is working.

On the x86 platform I just run devu-ehci and that point I can see the
connected devices by running usb -vvv.

After that point I can start my application that does usbdi_connect and

But I have problems coming to the same point on Total5200 platform.

I do start the usb server with
io-usb -d ohci-mgt5200 ioport=0xf0001000,irq=70

After that point if I run usb util I get…

#usb -vvv
USB 0 (MGT5200) v1.10, v1.01 DDK, v1.01 HCD
Control, Interrupt, Bulk, Isoch, Low speed

If I start my driver at this point it does not detect any insertion or
removal of any devices. Should it?

What do I need to start more to get to the same point that the usb util
lists the connected devices?

I noticed that the board contained a driver called devu-usb-total5200sdp.
How shall that be used? Do I need it?

Best regards