DownLoading Image into MPC5200

I am trying to download Image from Windows Host into TotalMPC5200.I
hv qnx-6.3 BSP.

The problem:
1)i am not getting the >deBUG prompt.
2) show,store commands not working.

procedure i followed:

  1. Serial connection null-modem cable from COM1 to UART0(Monitor
  2. RJ-45 Ethernet Controller Connection.
  3. Build the bsp image as bspimg.srec(Did not include any
    ‘additional’ components)
    4)Hyperterminal settings:
    Stop bit:1
    parity -None
    data format:ascii.

Do we need to use Z-Modem /X-Modem etc…?

thanx in anticipation,


The only way to pass a test is to take it.

Try by setting hyperterminal to 9600 baud. It should work.