Browsers REAL slow to start; how to re-install

Self-hosted 6.3 Momentics Pro with SP1: Voyager, Mozilla and
what-have-you take a looooong time to get past the small, central
window that pops up. So long that I decided to clean out Mozilla
browser et al. using the uninstall procedure in the Installer and
have a “clean” Voyager environment. Oops. Too clean. Now voyager
indicates a “missing file or directory.” Downloading a fresh copy of
Mozilla is no different (1 min, 40sec to open first page).

So NOW my problem is: how and what to re-install to get a fast
responding voyager/vserver combination – without a total re-install
of 3.0, SP1 (or SP2)? (I have CDs of all 3 distributions.)


p.s. Before a patch is released for SP2, could someone correct the
spelling of “devleopment” on the Welcome page of the new Momentics?
This does not inspire confidence for SP2 downloaders – especially
those with JVM-related crashes.

Following the tip found in “Why QNX ping itself in IP mode so slowly?”
I added an entry in /etc/hosts file mapping my static IP address to
the host name. I also checked the box in Network configuration so
the Hosts file is consulted. Now Mozilla comes up swiftly.

Remaining problems:

  1. I don’t know how to re-install voyager/vserver to operational
    status. (More than a little embarassing.)

  2. Having installed Mozilla I have this condition: from Launch tool,
    click on QNX Momentics 6.3 then “Service Pack x Release Notes” and
    Mozilla pops up but presents its home page, not the release notes.
    There’s a missing link here somewhere.

I re-installed 3.0 and installed SP2. Everything is back to normal
and I only lost minor customization in, e.g., rc.local.

I’m still curious about how to re-establish a utility like
voyager/vserver without a total re-install.