Problem including most.h


I am trying to access the MOST interface of an amandaboard (SH)
So I created a helloworld programm which I was able to compile. Then I
added an include for most.h and recieved several errors:

in inclusion
C:/QNX630/target/qnx6/usr/include/include/hw/most/most.h:181 most_1 line

field sync_direction' has incomplete type most.h most_1/EXTRA_INCVPATH_most line 181 \ \ use of enum sync_direction’ without previous
declaration most.h most_1/EXTRA_INCVPATH_most line 181

since these are files from QNX-TDK i do not know how to handle these
The code does not compile building under SH and x86.
I am using Momentics 6.3.2 on a WinXP SP1 with BSP amanda & edosk8770.
I even linked libmost.a and libmostS.a

Anyone please help me?

#include <most_devctls.h>
#include <most_thread.h>
#include <os8104.h>

//doesn’t work
#include <most.h>
//#include <most_debug.h>
//#include <most_driver.h>
//#include <most_memory.h>
//#include <most_private.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {