problems encountered when packagin and installing the index

I could not successfully package and install the pre-build index to prevent
indexing…the following is what I did…Thanks.
I have a QNX 6.3.0 OS with SP2. I have followed the instructions given by,
and I have successefully created The is under
/build/ I have tried the following to package and
install the index.:
First, I created a plugin_customization.ini that contains the entry
(I have tried both and, and paste that ini
file and the /nl/en/ under the follwing,

However, I could not prevent indexing from occuring. So, I tried the
following too…I modify the plugin_customization.ini file to
(I have tried both with version specified and no version specified) ,and
I have paste the .ini file under org.eclipse.help_3.0.0
but still could not prevent indexing.
In both case I have renamed the workspace. Please be so kind to see what I
am doing wrong here. Thanks for your help.