Progress widget - Annoying property

QNX support (and any experts reading this),

After porting from QNX4 to QNX6, my progress widgets have an annoying
new property that I can’t seem to clear.

It’s drawing a line across the top and a line across the left side, as
if it were a border. There is none on the bottom or right.

This is annoying because my nice graph ends up with ugly lines in an
otherwise transparent usage over a background image. Since this is an
upgrade to an existing product, I need to get rid of these lines.

Any help from you QNX guys?

The properties modified from default are as follows: progress bar color,
orientation=vertical, colorfill=transparent, bevelwidth=0, (margins are
zero by default), flags=0x0, basicflags=FLAT_FILL.

Help! & Thanks,

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