QNX4.25, VMWare Server and Networking


I just set up a virtual machine under VMWare server and installed QNX 4.25. Now I can boot it up and start Photon (using the flat driver, havn’t tried the vmware driver yet). Even the serial Port is working (with an USB - RS232 converter installed in Windows). however I can’t get networking up and running, no qnx network and no TCP/IP.

I tried bridged ethernet interface (which works great for VMWare and QNX6.3) with a fixed IP but was only able to ping localhost, not the Windows host machine or any other box in the network.

Could anyone give me some advice how to set up the network properly using bridged or NAT.


It’s been a while since last I played with VMWare and QNX 4. I do remember I had to slay the Net and Net.xxx and restart them for network to work. Worth a try.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try on monday

it’s working :slight_smile:

seems that some of the parameters for Net.ether2100 in sysinit file were not correct.