QNX4.25 and Samba 3.0.xx


I have just built up two Fedora 4 boxes. Samba Ver 3.0.14 comes with them.

I am trying to mount my QNX4 box as a client, just like I do to a Red Hat 9 (Samba 2) and a QNX6
box (also Samba 2). All the smb.conf files are the same - configurations are vurtually
identical. I don’t do anything fancy.

The version of SMBfsys is 1.30I dates Dec 07, 1999.

However, no matter what I do, the commands:

SMBfsys &
user_smb somebody passwd followed by:

mount -t smd //FEDORA:/ /fedora/tmp
mount_smb -u somebody //FEDORA: /fedora/tmp passwd

result in the message:

mount failed: permission denied

There is no indication as to what part of the mount operation permission was denied, or why. The
mount commands are identical to those used to successfully mount to the Red Hat and QNX6 servers

  • of course some numbers/names change.

tmp is a valid share.
somebody is both a valid system and smb user.
smbclient -L -U somebody works fine and shows all the shares.
testparm shows no errors with the smb.conf file.
the smb log shows no error - nor does any other syslog.

My windows boxes, QNX6 and Red Hat box can mount clients with no problem.

I ran tcpdump and it show that the mount is resulting in packets being sent to server, but I
can’t discern anything meaningful from its output.

Is this perhaps a result of having an old SMBfsys with Samba 3? Has anyone managed to get
QNX4.25 working with the recent V3 Samba’s? Any other ideas?


Geoff Roberts

Have you find the solution yet?
My problem was the same.
QNX 4.25 and samba-3.0.10-1.

Everything works fine with an another Linux client (however the
authentication is cleartext and Lanman1).
The solution is:

In the smb.conf file:

lanman auth = yes
ntlm auth = no
client ntlmv2 auth = no
client lanman auth = yes
client plaintext auth = yes
max protocol = LANMAN2
min protocol = CORE
encrypt paswords = no

It should works, but… after the successful mount_smb command on the
QNX box I am unable to go into the mounted samba share

mount_smb -u root //hostname/share /mount_dir

command is successful, but:

cd /mount_dir

/samba: bad directory


Have you got an idea?


Norbert Murzsa

Has anyone figured out a solution to this issue?

I’m having the same problems.

I can connect to my share with the smbclient and manipulate everything
there, but when I try to mount_smb it doesn’t work.