QNX Momentics IDE doesn't starts


I have installed the QNX Momentics 6.3 on Microsoft Windows. It works well. However, the other users of the same computer, whose accounts are not administrator, are not able to use the IDE. When starting the IDE, a message box pop up saying that there is an error and please see the log files. Then it just shut down. I cannot simply give administrator right to all of them. Any idea why and how to solve this problem?


There are two possibilities. One, you have a file ownership problem. The administrator is super user and has access to all files, so it runs ok. If this is the case, you just have to give the other users the needed permisions to this file or files. This can be either user or group permissions.

The more likely possibility is that some program needs to run as super user, maybe the java VM. In that case, the “set super user” permission on this file will solve the problem. It would be best to check out the syslog to see if you can get more informatio.