question about update qnx os

Hello all :
I have a question about update qnx os . i wanna use new drivers which is downloaded at qnx website . I found that there are “Check Sum” and “MD5 Sum” in “Drivers Release Notes” , i want to know what it means.
thank in advance!

type MD5 in google and you get:

hell mario , i think that “Check Sum” and “MD5 Sum” are Algorithms which check archives , is it right ? I want to know how i use “Check Sum” and “MD5 Sum” . in addition , i want to know at where can I download the newest network drivers.

Not quite checksum and md5 sum are algorithm which tries to compute a unique value out of a set of data. It is usually used to validate that a set of data has not changed. This sounds simple in theory but it isn’t. In the case that you are interested in, yes it is use to make sure what you downloaded was not corrupted.

You can run checksum by using chksum has for MD5 I don’t know but I’m sure you can download an executable somewhere that will do that.

As for newest network driver, only place is Usually network driver or any other driver are not release on their own but part of a service pack or other type of OS upgrade.

At any rate you would have to register your copy of QNX/Momentic in order to have access to that section ( I think ). There is also a section for stuff made available before an official patch/release.