Hi everybody,

I have 1 DOM 64MB(disk of module), i want to use it boot from QNX
(QNX4.25). I use statement is buildqnx:

buildqnx /boot/build/hard.1 /boot/images/boot.image.
with DOM I fdisk, dinit it after copy boot.image to /.boot but it not boot

from QNX.

The all statement:

buildqnx /boot/build/hard.1 /boot/images/boot.image → create QNX boot image.
fdisk /dev/hd1.0 add -f 1 qnx all ->(hd1.0 is DOM)
mount -p /dev/hd1.0
dinit -h /dev/hd1.0t77
mount /dev/hd1.0t77 /hd1
cp /boot/images/boot/image /hd1/.boot

but it not work. Why ??