QNX 4.24 - unable to open/tracedata/data07.26 (Input/Output

Hello everyone,

I’m having problems booting QNX 4.24
after the big “QNX” startup screen I get the following error message:

Unable to open /tracedata/data07.26 (Input/Output Error)
I know that 07.26 stands for July 26, today’s date

It then just crashes

Any Ideas?

The file itself is not a QNX file, nor can it be generated by a normal QNX install. This is custom stuff. Now usually an Input/Output error is a result of a problem with a HD, cable, controler, ram sometimes.

This is just a guess as I do not know what displays that error.

Try the alternate boot. If you can get to a shell prompt, run chkfsys.

Oh, and since your system is collecting some kind of log, check to see if the disk is full.