Start boot cd

Hello, I´m new in QNX, I waqnt to now how I meke a CD BOOT START because my PC dont have a floppy disk.

read this first : … 310_3.html … 311_3.html
(supposing we are talking about QNX V6.x, and not V4.x)

as for the “mkifs” utility, it is still included in QNX V6.0, which is great in it’s own way, a little difficult to come by and which lacks a couple of features.
it is not included in the QNX V6.2.x distributions any more.
as for QNX V6.3, I do not know whether it is included, but if it is, I assume it will expire after the 30 days evaluation period.
for any of the above listed versions, there are various mirrors waiting for you to download. use the SEARCH utility of this site.

You want to create a boot cd for a customized system? Then follow the steps WhiteRabbits indicated.

However if you only want to create a boot cd to install qnx to your pc, you only need to download the iso image from the qnx website (QNX 6.3 Neutrino hosted, 30 day evaluation) burn it to a cd, put it into your cd drive and reboot.