QNX programmer/system designer with 19 years experience look


I’m a senior level software/firmware programmer with 34 years experience,
and 19 years working with QNX exclusively. I have used QNX
in the Securities industry (Stock Market), Radio and TV Broadcasting,
Process Automation, Medical Devices, Gaming, Network Programming and
Telecommunications. I also have experience in the utilities billing
and hard commodities brokering.

I am very proficient in C/C++ and socket level programming as well as
native QNX IPC. I have developed a number of custom high speed data
bases and designed fault-tolerant, redundant client/server systems with
automatic data mirroring.

I am good at system design and architecture. I believe in designing
diagnostic and profiling tools into a newly developed system. I am
good at assimilating information from a variety of sources and vendors
and assuming responsibility for the efficient and reliable interface
of systems from several vendors. I am also very good at diagnosing
problems with complex systems from multiple vendors. I can also teach
management and end users alike in the most beneficial ways to use their
software in a manner that they can understand and appreciate.

I am currently in the Arizona area but I’m willing to relocate anywhere for
the right position. Ideally I’d like to get into a start-up company with
lots of future potential. A complete resume and work history will be sent
by request. If interested please contact me at QTPS@Earthlink.net. You may
also call me at 1-602-266-9746