pvm (eclipse) not killable - have to reboot

Using 6.3.2, when I run or debug an app from Eclipse, and then I terminate it via the red square button, sometimes this causes Eclipse to lock up. The process can not be killed via the close window decoration, a slay, a kill -9, or anything.

The window can be minimized and restored, but the contents never refresh.

The only way I’ve been able to get rid of it is to reboot the system, even an exit out of photon still leaves the workspace in use.

Another issue is sometimes ecliplse seems to go nuts and spawn 20 copies of itself.

Any ideas? I really prefer to use the self-hosted environment, to me this is a significant advantage over VxWorks in terms of debugging.

QDE in self hosted is definitely not as polished as the Windows version. I’m trying to use it but may have to give up.

That’s what I was afraid of :frowning:

It is also horribly slow on a p4 2.4GHz.

I am downloading the Windows hosted version now.

I find it so unusable that I wonder if the product should exists at all, but then again throwing hardware at the problem is a good solution. (You can get machine that are much faster then P4 2.4). I noticed that with a dual core, both cores are keep busy ;-)

that being said, on windows with AMD 3200 (running at 2G) it feels faster then self hosted running X2 at 2.2G. (Note that I’m going through Phindows so that doesn’t help).

I’m told it is even faster on Linux with a 64 bit JRE.

Yes the windows version of the IDE runs about 10x faster (subjective opinion).

The speed is bad but the instability makes it real bad - locking up and requiring a reboot to get rid of terminated process is bad. I’m trying to convince my boss that we should switch from Linux and VxWorks to QNX but part of that is having a slick demo/presentation, and if the IDE locks up on them - ouch.

Since you’re a phindows man I’ll ask…

How do you get the cursor to not destroy the text as show in the attachment.

Doesn’t do that for me?

Sorry I was wrong, it does it, sigh…

I’ve had little but different experience. I haven’t used Eclipse on QNX much, but the speed was more than acceptable. I found a relatively inexpensive QUAD Super-Micro Server on eBay, and loaded it with 4 1.5Ghz Xeon’s, also cheep. For a heavily threaded ap it’s a lot of bang for the buck. Since I haven’t used it much, I can’t say much about the stability.

Wait till you get to deal with big project. Or load windows on that machine and compare the difference ;-)

For example it takes 5 seconds for QDE to come up when I don’t have any project open. But if I start it with a project open it takes 30 seconds… Wopps just tried again and now with a project open it’s down to 10 seconds but the outline windows is empty.

I beleive a single Conroe or AMD X2 is faster then a quad setup like yours even if Eclipse seems heavly threaded. An AMDX2 at 2.2Gig with IDE HD, compiles a little more then twice as fast as a single Xeon (single core) 3.8 Gig with SCSI 15k RPM disk…

Obviously using it through phindows doesn’t help the speed. The video card I have isn’t support, i’m down to VGA. I just tried to login on the machine (not phindows) then start QDE, that killed the machine… Don’t feel like figuring out what the problem is. I’m about to give up very soon on QDE ;-)

I’m told using it under Linux give a better experience but that would mean dealing with another OS which is counter productive for me.

Interesting, I thought it was only with my machine… I decided to do my development on QNX selfhosted becuase developing PhAB in window was slow and also I had to switch screen to target host everytime when I run GUI application for testing. But other than that I agree eclipse runs slower in QNX, not all the time but sometime it would just hang and GUI response is just slow.

Back to the original question - does anyone know how to kill PVM? When I terminate a process I’m debugging with QDE sometimes it locks up QDE and then I have to reboot the system for the PVM processes to go away.

kill -9, slay, nothing works, not even just logging out of photon - the workspace is still in use when I re-start photon, and the processes are all still there.

QNX 4.25 never used to argue with me when I wanted to kill a process :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mario, I found a way to deal with Video Card incompatibility. I’ve found that old Voodoo 2000 cards are well supported, and available on eBay for around $10.00. They’re available in PCI and AGP.

Yes interesting solution for video, but these days most motherboard come with integrated networking (Nvidia chipset), RAID, etc.

VMware is still better for me cause I can for example use a triple monitors setup with very very little pain. VM machine has its HD image file on a RAID 1, which QNX* doesn’t support. I can use QNX4 on a 1Gig network. I can do wireless networking with QNX4. I can use serial port over USB on QNX4, etc, etc.

I can even start two instances of QNX4 that will each run on a CPU core (great setup to test software).

Etc ;-)

I hate to revive this thread, but I just reinstalled on a new p4 2.8GHz w/2GB ram and a matrox g400 AGP (because i know that board works) and I’m having the exact same issues as I first reported here.

So it’s happening on a p3 1GHz, a p4 2.4GHz, and this machine.

I can’t get far debugging multiple programs at the same time. I try to terminate them, and Eclipse just hangs. I have to reboot the system. PVM is in REPLY according to pidin.

I can manually kill the GDB processes, and my processes, but can never kill PVM (whatever that is).

Does anyone use the self-hosted environment on a regular basis? Have you run into this problem - and if so have you found any solutions?

I never run into this problem running the windows hosted version. Not once, ever. With the same programs.

right now my P4 2.8 is hung with a black photon screen (I logged out of photon), a text cursor, and nothing I do can get me out of this (CTRL SHIFT ALT DEL, nothing).

I can log in with phindows though, and can see the jre/bin/pvm still running, but can’t kil -9 or slay it.

Ok, I’m having the same problem, I can’t kill pvm. I worked a lot with IDE WITHOUT SERVICE PACK and I have no probles when debugging. I think the problems cames with the SP1 or 2 the same. I developed more than an a year using IDE with no service pack and it was (slow) but good.
Any idea or better solutions?? I think the best way is not to install SP at all.