unable to allocate resorce:invalid argument while booting

i had installed qnx 6.2.1 earlier as self hosted QNX on Pentium II
system. Recently the machine was replaced by the following
Pentium IV 3.0 GHz with HT technology.
915GAV Mother board.
SATA Harddisk interface.
on board network interface.

We tried to install self hosted QNX on the new system without any
change in BIOS setting.
SATA harddisk was not detected.
so in BIOS the following setting were done:
ATA/IDE Configuration [Legacy]
Legacy IDE Channels [SATA P0/P1,PATA only]
and installed. the first CD 6.2.1A installed (FOR X86 ONLY) completely
and rebooted. On board network controller was not detected. so an
intel NIC was put in PCI slot and it is detected and IP configured.
Though while booting the message “unable to allocate
resouce:invalid arguments” was displayed…
But after installing 6.2.1B CD (ALSO FOR X86 ONLY), it rebooted. But
on opening the IDE,
it gave a work bench error
The work bench error is as follows:
on opening the IDE for the first time the following message box

Could not restore work bench layout
Problem occured restoring workbench.
unable to restore perspective: Workspace - QNX System Builder
could not creat view: qnxTftpView
could not creat view: QnxSystemBuilderConsoleView
could not creat view: qnxSerialConsoleView
and system buider, profiler perspective etc and associated view
were not present.

at every boot "unable to allocate resource:
“unable to allocate resource:invalid argumnets” is displayed
before detecting EIDE devices.

Please help.