Serial Console redirect on QNX 6.2


Does anyone has a procedure for setting up Console Redirection on QNX? and Which db9 pin lay out should I used? I am planning to use it with a Terminal Server called PortMaster.

For example: if I want to telnet:
$telnet somehost portnumber

I would like to be able to see the bios booting up all the way to qnx login screen. I surf the web for such tutorial but still can’t find any procedure for that.

Many Thanks.


Bios booting ouch that is tricky, you need a special bios of that and i will definitely not work with telnet. Best you’d be able to do is throught the serial port.

Hi QNX Master, thanks for the reply.

I’ve setup console on linux and it’s working fine.

I am still digging for info about how to set it up on the QNX.

Yes, it’s supposedly go via serial port on the server or client. But do you need to setup anything on the QNX box?


If the BIOS is already dealth with (that’s before the OS), then all you need to do is create an image that use /dev/ser1 as a console, this is well described in the documentation I beleive.

Thanks QNX.Master for your guidance.