I used to work with QNX4, and I’ve just moved to QNX6.

In a QNX4 PhAB project you can create some general functions in a set of
C files apart of the files containing callbacks. If you add these files
manually to the indSfiles and indOfiles files then PhAB includes your
general function definitions in an automatic generated proto.h file.

In a IDE QNX6 project you can include also some general functions in a
set of C files. You don’t need to edit indSfiles and indOfiles anymore.
IDE software does that work for you (this is good). But if C files are
not placed in the main source folder your general function prototypes
are not created in an automatic manner as there were in old QNX4. You
need to maintain manually the h files containing your function
prototypes (this is bad). If you don’t do that, only functions returning
an integer value work properly.

Does anybody know how can I automate the function prototyping to work
similarly to QNX4 projects?