Creating qfs file from linux host or mounting an efs


I’m trying to create a filesystem embedded in a file from a linux dev.

My problem:
I have a ifs on a limited-size flash, which will somehow mount a
filesystem on a bigger secondary flash which contains my application.
I can store my application as separate files on the secondary flash, but
I’d like to have it as one big file containing an embedded file system,
for ease of deployment.

I thought of 3 ways:

  • creating an efs: this efs can’t be appended to the boot ifs (different
    flash mem), and I don’t know how to mount an efs from the command line
    (the script in the ifs, actually)
  • creating an qfs: I can create it using dinit on the linux dev host, but
    how to fill it? The qnx4 fs driver under linux isn’t supposed to be
    overly stable.
  • using an iso9660: read-only, plus limitations

Any suggestion?