application skin/thema

Any idea how to achieve that ?
My boss wants all button different colours and restyle all the
And I bet other will want it differently, so I’d better do some
skin/style/them approach. Is it possible to iterate trough all the
widget on window/dalog ?

thx for any suggestions

Are you talking about from PhAB or programmatically. The answer to
both is yes.

well I suppose PhAB is more visual. So I would prefer that way. I
studied templats, but that does nto seem like the way to go. I got
some coding, but I dunno how to iterate through all the controlls on
the form, also to figure out the type of the controll. Am I just too
spoiled by M$ IDEs or too lame ? I would prefer PhAB way of skinnig,
so I can see end result, and visually choose whci controls to skin

thx for your reply

It appears we are miscommunicating here heavily. When I suggested
that you could either change things via PhAB or programmatically,
this was not meant to imply a choice. If you are building a static
application that will not change, you should use PhAB because it will
likely be much easier. Changing things programmatically makes sense
if you want the user to be able to modify the look.

As far as the how to part in PhAB. If you select a bunch of widgets,
you should be able to change any common properties all at once.

Of course there have been applications I’ve built where creating and
changing widgets via PhAB was time consuming and tedious do to the
large number, and regularity of them. Think a large grid. In that
case, programmatically was the way to go.

yeah we do, I wanted to resking already existing application.
any hints as to how to detect parent for of widget adn it’s type ?