First Boot after installation on CF got error?

Hi all

After the installation(on a PC104 board, with a CF) , during the first
boot up I got the following message.

Error Msg:

“No valid commercial license found”
“Only non-commercial use of this software is permitted”.
“Contact QNX Software Systems to acquire a development

“Spawn of /bin/sh failed - no such file or directory”.

Then, nothing. No prompt. and nothing happen

I have a licensed copy so any advice on this?




I have the exact same problem. Could somebody please help me resolve
this ? Thanks a bunch.


It seems I have the same problem… I get the exact message. after
installing QNX 6.3. However I am installing it on a flash disk, and
performing the same procedures on an older 512 MB kingston flash and
on a new 512 MB kington flash does not give the same result.

That is on the older one it works, on the new one I get this message.
I called kingston, they told me that they no longer support their
flash to behave as IDE…This is probably my problem, and I would
like to know if any other are having this problem


See Forum, for more details.

PC104 using CF, takes forever to install qnx, how come?