getting time and date starting with 2006

Hello there,

I am new to Qnx Neutrino and I am trying to figure out how code would
read to get time from a certain point. What I want is to be able to
start the year at 2006 since this is when I am starting the project.
Can someone enlighten me on how this would work or do you have to start
at 1970 00:00:00?

There is a very widespread standard for representing time as seconds
from Jan 1, 1970.
That is what the time() routine returns when you call it, and it is
what the “date” program uses
to set the system clock.

If you want to use another format, you are free to do so, but I
wouldn’t expect any standard
utilities to work very well. If you want to save time in a database,
and for example, use
Jan 1, 2000 as the starting point, you can by adding and subtracting
the appropriate constant
each time. I can’t think of a really good reason to do this.