Incomplete BSP installation?

Hi folks,

I’m having a very strange problem trying to get my Windows hosted QNX6.3
build environment established. The Momentics SP2 IDE seems to install
fine, and so does the BSP we’re using (target is a Freescale Media5200
dev board) – at least there are no visible errors during installation.
However, when I go to “Import” the BSP from withing the Momentics IDE,
there is nothing listed under “Known Packages” where I would expect to
see the Media5200 BSP to be listed. When I manually look for the .zip
file the BSP should have installed I don’t even see a src directory
under C:\qnx630\target\qnx6\usr. However, there is a build file
( under C:\qnx630\target\qnx6\ppcbe\boot\build. Too add
to the weirdness, the BSP installs fine and is easily imported on two
other development PCs we have. An additional oddity I noticed was that
when running the BSP installation executable on my computer it lists the
total space to be installed as 7MB. However during installation on the
other development PCs it’s listed as 8MB.

There are no options during the BSP installation so I am not sure what I
could be doing wrong here. My computer (a Thinkpad T42 laptop) is
running WinXP SP2. The other development PCs are Shuttle XPCs running
WinXP. I think they’re at WinXP SP2 as well. The only significant
difference I’m aware of is that I have Cygwin installed on my laptop.
However upon searching it looked like this shouldn’t be a problem? As
suggested in another (unrelated) thread, I renamed the cygwin1.dll
provided with Momentics so as to use the later version I have installed
– it made no perceptible difference.


Resolved – see