QWindows in Photon

Thanks for the replys.

I’ve decided to try running QWindows in Photon and then run our app. From
what I understand, I should then be able to run Photon on remote QNX nodes
to access the QWindows app, and if need be run Phindows on remote MS
stations to access the QW app. Correct?

I’ve managed to get ‘qwinph’ to run, however all I get is a blank QWindows
screen. When qwinph runs I noticed that it states that there is no console
and I can’t even get a menu. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone.


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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to ‘X-Window’ QNX windows to another machine.
reason I ask is that we have some very sensitive monitoring and on
I need to log into the systems remotely and ‘broadcast’ our apps running
qnx windows. I’m wondering if there is a simple solution as I realize
is always a complicated one. > :slight_smile:

If this other machine is Unix/Xwindow, you can use Qwinph/phinx.
If it is MS Windows, you can use Qwinph/phindows

As far as I know you cannot use Qwinph if there is alreay a QWindows
running on the machine, nor can you use QWinph to mirror an already
QWindows session.

The word QWMirror is ringing in my head, but I don’t have more info then