Hardware programming in QNX


I am new to QNX and have tried to start up programming in QNX momentics 6.3.0. The software I program needs to communicate together with a ASI-communication card. I have one from BihlWiedemann BW1195. I need ideas to get startet. Looking forward to hear from you.

regards morton.

I guess you can begin with PCI driver programming. Look into pci_attach() in the documentation

You probably want to read all you can on resource managers, as this is a natural form to put a hardware driver in.
Rob Krten’s book “Getting started with QNX Neutrino 2” is a good resource if the docs aren’t enough, although it may be hard to get ahold of. I’ve heard QSSL has taken it over so you can check with them. There are a few topics for dealing with hardware that I’ll list. Ask again about any specifics:

  1. port I/O (You need to use ThreadCtl() and be super user
  2. Interrupts
  3. DMA (Shared) memory
  4. PCI inquiry

There are other idiosyncratic areas, such as PCMCIA/CARDBUS, USB, and Network drivers for which there are development kits available.


thanks for your answers. I got the book from libary, and will start up with that.

regards morton :open_mouth:

Just to confirm: yes, we have bought the rights to this book. If you’d like a copy, contact your sales rep.