QNX version?

A simple question, I think: How can I detrermine what version of QNX my Momentics IDE is using? Help => About didn’t seem particularly useful, but I’m sure there must be some way to determine this.


How about

pidin info

Thanks; I thought it would be easy. Would that command also show “SP1” or “SP2” if applicable? I’m seeing “6.3.0”, which makes me wonder if I need to upgrade to SP1 or SP2…


qconfig will give you the service pack info.

Not exactly the easiest command to stumble across unless you know it already exists. Too bad pidin didn’t print this out as part of ‘pidin info’.


Thanks, Tim. Now I don’t feel quite as stupid having to ask these questions. :wink: BTW, it really is 6.3.0 with no SP!

Do you know if one SP is more stable than the other (my Windows experience makes me cautious…)?

My experience is that all are equally stable. If there are problems, they are probably with one of the less main stream processors.