QoS policies with GNS

Hi All:
Is there any way to state a Quality of Service (QoS) policy when using the
GNS utility. I have a distributed system where each node has multiple NICs
that are dedicated for specific network functions. I am using the
name_open() and name_attach() routines to connect and advertise services
respectively. These routines do not include arguments for specifying
nodename or QoS policy. The only hope I see is possibly setting up a GNS
Server on one machine and setting up a symbolic link on the other client
machines like ln -sP /net/gnsserver~exclusive:en0/dev/name/global
/dev/name/global. The clients won’t be running GNS manager but they will
access the Qnet via the en0 interface…at least that’s my suspicion.

I’m hoping there is another method for specifying the QoS policy when using
GNS. If not, I may have to rethink my approach. BTW, is there anyway to
detect when Qnet switches links as a result of a failed link?

This is for Neutrino 6.3 SP3.