compact flash via pcmcia slot not reading properly

I’m working with qnx4.25-G, 1GB SanDisk compact flash, and flash2pcmcia
adapter. Windows says pcmcia controller is Ricoh 5C475 or compatable.

pccard seems to find the pcmcia controller just fine, and runing pc-pin
gives normal output, showing normal values for sock, fun,type, io, and irq.

I then start up the filesystem driver:

Fsys.eide fsys -n0=fl -i eide -a320 -i12 -b

And it finds the SanDisk card(says so) and starts up with no reported
errors. All normal so far.

Next I try to run fdisk, or mount, or whatever and a) these take a long time
to report back, and come back with some type of error, (eg. for flashdisk
which works in a different pcmcia controller and has qnx os already on it,
the ‘mount -p /dev/fl0’ reports back “No BIOS signature in partition sector
on /dev/fl0”)

I’ve also tried Fsys.ata. This one gets a bit farther (at least with
fdisk). fdisk will actually go into interactive (it doesnt do this with
Fsys.eide), but is does not display the ‘real’ partition table, everything
is zero, and none of the changes made are written to the disk.

I’m probably missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated.