Setting up your Target

Ok heres some tips for those of you who are using Windows XP to connect to a QNX machine through your local network.

Assuming that your network connection is setup correctly,
To check the ip address of your QNX machine type
“ifconfig” at the terminal window. The ip address will be given on the bottom line next to “inet”.

Open up Momentics IDE on your windows machine and click on
window → show view → other → QNX targets → Target Navigator

right click on the target navigator window and select
“Add new target”

Target name: “Anything you like”
Hostname or IP: The ip address you found using ifconfig
Port: Leave it on port 8000

Now when you click finish it will either connect to the target and show a computer. Or it will fail and show a computer with a red X through it.

If it dosnt connect try this,

On your XP machine
Start bar → Run → type “cmd” enter

now type ping “Ip address of your QNX machine”

if it times out theres a problem with your network, if it connects then that means your network is fine nd the problem is probably with the port.
(I.e the windows machine cant connect to the QNX machine because the port you gave is closed).

Go to QNX machine and open the terminal.
Type: qconn[port=8000] to open port 8000
if after you do this and it still dosnt work try
qconn[port=8001] and then try reconnecting to the target with port 8001.

Hope this helps.


Isn’t this in the QNX Quickstart Guide?

Yes it probaby is but 2 things 1) i searched these forums for about 30 mins last night and couldnt find a solution to my problem, 2) there were a few posts from other users about this topic so i decided to post it.