Maximum resolution in photon (with devg-radeon driver)


I’d like to know if there’s a way tu use higher resolution than
1600x1280 with an ATI video card… (may be a one year old card). We use
a wide screen 22" LCD monitor that have a native resolution of
1920x1600. We can see that the maximum supported by the driver
devg-radeon (it’s written in the doc) is 1600x1280 and it’s what we have
to use right now…

Just in case… I tried to set manually (via “io-graphics -c config_file”
and PHGFX environement variable method) with NO success… The video
output got disabled when I try to set it to 1920x1600.

The videocard support this resolution by itself… I’ve tried it in
different other OSes.

There’s a way to let the driver to use higher resolution or does someone
know if an update of the driver is planned with more resolution support?

Thanks …