resmgr_attach returns -1 when process starts from session being not root or superuser. If it is started from root or su, then it is OK. How to cope with ?!?!

chmod +s program. But it will be running as root. No other choice resmgr_attach can only be used by root program.

Thank you mario. It does not sound very good, but the bad news is also news.

Sorry, but what is bad about a resource manager having to be root? QNX is a microkernel, resource managers are operating system services. If we were discussing a monokernel, no one would be surprised if you required root access to install a kernel module.


Yes but it’s also a an IPC method, which happends to be based on POSIX, too bad that it’s restricted to root. Resmgr don’t have to be drivers (or equivalent of kernel module), I think resmgr_attach should allow non-root but check if according to user permision it as permission to map itself in the requested path. But I understand this could create security problem. But I’m sure there are solution to this. It’s my guess QSS decided to limit the usage to simplify their life ;-)